Be Proud of your life


who do i want to

Hi, I'm Nancy.

As your coach, I guide you towards creating the meaningful and fulfilling life you've been itching to live but couldn't because of the anxiety of being yourself.


Through our work together you will:

  • identify & live from your Spiritual Beliefs and Personal Values,

  • discover your worth,

  • become 'the boss' of your thoughts, actions & choices,

  • live in greater ease & peace,

  • believe in the best possible outcomes, and

  • be proud of your life!

brilliant & anxious worrier:

do you want to live a proud, bold & full life?

   Are you feeling 

  • secretly alone because no one knows what you really go through internally to get through your day?

  • overwhelmed because you are so loyal and hardworking and can't say 'no'?

  • that others don't see or respect you?

  • worried about worrying so much?

  • consumed with what others think about you?

  • embarrassed for drinking, spending, eating so much to alleviate stress?

T. Francis de Sales

Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and try to be that perfectly.

What am I really expecting of myself & my life?


Who Am I? 


One client described me as a, “bulldog with a heart”. 


As a social worker with years of experience in acute mental health, nothing shocks me about human nature.  Quick fixes are preferable and outwardly pointed fingers are common.  This means that most are chasing peace, happiness, joy and love.  Hope that the next puff, partner, diet, fashion statment, snort or trend has 'the answer' is how a sense of victimization becomes depression and anxiety. 


What I want to know from you is:  Who You Really Want To Be in THIS life?


I help you - align you - to YOUR Greatest Sense of Being. 


Once you EMBODY this, you ALIGN your life.  


What I believe is: 

  • We have ONE shot at this life.  

  • We powerfully affect every single experience we have.

  • We can THRIVE in this life when we Align our choices, thoughts and actions as often as possible - with our Deepest Truth.

  • Being Proud of Our Lives is requisite.

  • Our spirits, minds & hearts are our greatest resources.

  • Our Work is in every single belief, thought & act.

  • We are human & spirit.

What would I love to experience in my life?