Hi, I'm

Nancy McFarland!

Podcast Host & Life Aligning Coach

I work with curious, open and inspired people who want to create greater ease, peace and confidence in their lives.


My clients are amazing people who typically struggle with negative beliefs & perceptions, are fraught with worry throughout their day and feel overwhelmed and insecure in relationships at home and work. 

I love helping them realize how to be proud of their lives by acknowledging who they really are, accepting their potential and evolving into far more grounded and inspired individuals.  There is one focus - you.

One client described me as a, “bulldog with a heart” because I lovingly challenge and support you into your own unique life alignment.

As a psychiatric social worker, I’ve served the most acute mentally ill to very successful people who have felt lost, confused and even angry about the state of their lives.

Being human is really hard at times and believe that living a bit better in every situation is always possible. This is The Work of Life!


I am an adopted, biracial, sexual abuse survivor who found my birth parents, learned to forgive myself, as well as many of the stories I believed about myself. And, yes indeed, I am still growing from myriad twists and turns in my very own dynamic that I am proud of today!

I experienced anxiety most of my life because of my unresolved trauma. For most of my life I didn’t even know I was anxious because the discomfort had just become completely normal. It took a therapist, a trained person outside my normal circle, to inform me about my own angst.

Once I finally understood that I lived ‘on edge’ all day long, I set out on a new journey. I really got to know myself better than ever. I grew to accept that I am far more than just this physical body and am connected to Formless Creative Energy that is everywhere at all times.

I made myself a priority in my own life by fully embracing my humanity, which meant acknowledging and accepting that I was born to experience a range of emotions and feelings! This was a big deal.  Then I truly began to understand my power in choosing my spiritual, cognitive, emotional and behavioral responses.


I also accepted and made many unfamiliar and healthy beliefs/behaviors – familiar in my life. I then really identified my values and what really mattered to me, realized my life vision and committed to living a life of impact. Today I live a life I am proud of and can far more easily scratch the itch of anxiety when it rears its head.

As a therapist, and often cheerleader, I bring my educational and life knowledge over the past 25 years as a teacher and therapist along with my own journey of personal growth that includes living and studying abroad for 11 years. I lived in Turkey, Australia, South Africa and the Republic of Congo. I actually lived with no running water and electricity for 3 years in Congo, and that was extremely anxiety provoking! It was quite a contrasting experience that has served me well ever since though.

I absolutely love helping people ease into their humanity and use their greatest wisdom to align their lives.  As their thoughts, actions and feelings are increasingly anchored in their sense of Truth, alignment unfolds.  It's a sight to behold.

Who will you be when you feel proud of your life?  You will look back at old pain and know its gifts.  Gratitude for your life will abound.  Peace will be such a good friend.  

My job is to get you there as soon as possible.



  • Bachelor of Science: ​​​​Florida State University

  • Master of International Public Health: ​ University of Sydney

  • Master of Social Work: ​​​​University of Southern California

Clients say...

"Nancy leaves you seen, understood, and driven to take action"

Nancy is one rare soul.  It is difficult to find someone that combines such a level compassion, insight, intuition, and directness into one session that both leaves you seen, understood, and driven to take action. Challenges that I had been struggling with for years that I had paid countless dollars and professionals to address, she was able to tackle in a mere few sessions.  She is your coach, your advocate, and your guide that truly sees you and the potential in you!



"She got to the essence ... and crafted a plan personally designed for me"

My life was at a point where I felt insecure and left thinking I was in the wrong profession.  I had decided to question my true passion and pursue something safe and stable.  Nancy got to the essence of what was preventing me from moving forward and crafted a plan personally designed for me.  She gave me the courage, support and belief to move forward.  Nancy is an amazing listener, non-judgemental and a remarkable synthesizer of a great deal of information.



"She helped me make sense of my patterns ... so I could choose another direction"

The hours I have spent with Nancy took me far beyond observing my patterns, such that I could go far back to their painful cause.  With Nancy’s help, I was able to make sense of these behaviors and to understand what they meant.  I also saw that these patterns had worn a groove, as it were, in my thinking, which I could fill in with forgiveness and acceptance, so that I could choose another direction!  My time with Nancy has been nothing short of liberating!