Register For Your Life Aligning Consult


I'm excited for you! If you are reading this, your inner guidance is nudging you along to your next phase.  

To help you along, I offer a special, personal one-on-one “Life Aligning Consult” with me at no financial cost to you. 


During the 30 minute Life Aligning Consult, we will work together to:

  • Create a picture of how your aligned life will look and feel, and

  • Discover energy zappers that are stopping you from being who you want to be, so you have what you desire.

However, registration will require you to invest a bit of your time and thought energy.  

Why is this required?  This is how our work begins.  You are your own expert and possess all the fundamental resources needed to thrive.  My work is to get to know you, your inner resources and guide you in how to use and tweak them so you can really live in greater peace and Be Proud of Your Life.  To effectively speak with you, I need to know a bit about you. Anyway, a bit of reflection does everybody a bit of good, right?


If we work together, you will reflect a great deal.  Coaching with me requires curiosity, commitment and honesty.  Many of my greatest shifts in life have been through working with my own coaches who expected me to fully show up.

One client described me as, 'bulldog with a heart'.  I want you to thrive, and I will show up fully for you during our consult and if we work together formally.  This consult allows both of us to determine if we are a good fit.


I designed this process so that you will gain some insight & clarity about yourself as well.  

I offer two Life Aligning Consults each week on Tuesdays.  If you are still interested, please click next for easy, three remaining steps!

All of the very best to you!




 The Life Aligning Coach