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Motive: What’s Your Secret?

Motive is not only a primary focus in legal proceedings or for an HR department because it has a goal to increase company productivity.

You are constantly making decisions. Each decision keeps something as constant as possible or causes a change in a particular way. Each decision matters and has a motive.

Let’s start with what a motive is. It is a need or desire causing an action for or against something.

You always have a motive.

Let’s assume for just a couple of minutes that your out-of-state friends just called to tell you they are on a pandemic-era road trip, only 63 miles away and will be stopping by to see you in about 1.5 hours!

What the hell, and YAY!?

After your shock wears off, you realize that your space is an absolute mess because you’ve been sick, and you have a Zoom call for work in 10 minutes. Your main concern is that your home is not fit for outsiders.

You are motivated to clean up. Why? What is the need or desire that will cause you to act?

  1. You are so unbelievably thrilled to see them and want them to have an amazingly comfortable and positively memorable experience while in your space,


  1. You are happy to see them and cannot bear to have them in any way perceive you as lazy and unhygienic.

You will clean your space, and your friends regardless of your motive will enjoy a pleasant visit in the cleanest and neatest space you can rally.

You are frequently confronted with predicaments such as this, and your motive is always your secret. Outsiders can only assume your motivation for any decision or choice. You need to be clear about your motive, however.

Knowing your motive can be phenomenally empowering. Consider that you are making decisions anyway, regardless of how aware you are, and in all probability, you are sometimes really hoping that no one ‘sees’ your motive. It’s your secret, after all.

Play with the idea that whatever decision you make is all yours. Begin to own each and every one of them.

Acknowledging that your choice is powerful, even if you don’t feel proud of it - yet. You absolutely can one day.

It is just the one you can make right now. Not looking the other way and accepting your decision along with Your Motive is educating you about yourself.

Even if you are not fully conscious of the answers right now, ask yourself the following questions to understand yourself a bit more:

1. Does my motive support who I want to be?

2. Is my motive for or against myself?

Embody your Truth. Rock your Life.