• Life Aligning


Tire, teeth, spinal, judicial, organizational, online and paragraph are just a few types of alignment that are considered in our daily lives. Why are these even points of concerns, objectives and on our ‘to do lists’?

No one likes our car veering off on its own while on a freeway. We generally prefer things lined up and adopting a reliable, traditional path. This is because these preset patterns, from mechanics to text, adhere to aesthetics rules that naturally look and feel good to us.

When we see and experience alignment, there is a fixed idea or position that is considered as the foundation or reference point from which trajectories, shapes and decisions are made. In our daily lives we make decisions. On what basis are they made? Typically, if traced back, there is a powerful belief or value that buttresses our thoughts and actions.

It is the seeming elusive, unconscious and usually inconsistent use of this ‘start point’ that affords the common experiences of chaos & anxiety that creates disjointedness and misalignment in our lives. Random behaviors and spontaneity can be exhilarating at times, but we usually prefer stability. Therefore, knowing in what we believe (whether a belief or value), our thoughts, behaviors and actions are made with greater integrity and assuredness.

Let’s look at a recent example from a cllient: Carol has to decide whether to apologize to her daughter or not for yelling at her and calling her stupid. Carol believes in God and defines herself as a Christian who believes that she is a spirit in human form. She does not go to church or associate with a particular religious group. She clearly recognizes that each person deserves the same just treatment she expects. Carol feels terrible about her behavior and does not want to appear sheepish after losing her cool. She believes that while anger is a normal emotion, what one does with it - matters. She knows she has taught and would expect her daughter to apologize. Therefore, despite her deep regret and embarrassment, she knows to feel proud as a person and mother, she must apologize to her daughter. Carol is relieved to know what her beliefs are and uses them to align her life, regardless of her varying feelings. While it is extremely hard at times to make decisions that are RIGHT all the time, she at least knows what her most just choice/path of action would be.

Alignment is key. We make hundreds, even thousands of decisions each day. Knowing our start point/north star, anchors us and offers us a mental & spiritual path through both easy as well as treacherous life terrain.